Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thursday Runnin' Day - High 70 degrees

The hope, for a better part of a Rise Up month, has been to reach a point where the morning runs can be comfortably made in shorts and a short-sleeve t-shirt. Shorts have been no problem. Now we're starting to reach that point where the sleeves follow the pant-legs...

Our consistent Rise Up Run days have been Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, with Sunday often, if we're lucky, taking us out to Tuckahoe State Park. Tuesdays and Thursdays have been the true run-in-the-dark days. Why take the time to mention this, especially when Mike Keene has a great international running and coffee story, with photos, ready to roll? Because tomorrow is Thursday, runnin' day.

The forecast calls for a high of 70 degrees. Tuesday we met at Idlewild Park at 4:30 a.m. That will remain the designating meeting place, with the departure time maybe moving a tad earlier--stay tuned for final timing.

Will tomorrow be the day for the first pack of four? Will Joel hit the snooze alarm and risk petty vandalism to his house by a pack of reflective vest-wearing gang bangers? Will Charlie come to his senses after one run and wonder if yesterday was just some sort of a bizarre dream? Will the Bay Hundred region have its first representation in this pre-dawn ritual (I think it qualifies as a ritual if it has been occurring consistently for more than a month, right) ?

The saga continues. Stay tuned for these and other answers. And if you're on the fence as to whether it is worth it...see Landy's "Mug Challenge" below, with stipulations :)

--Mike V.


landy said...

Optimist though I am, I feel obliged to point out to any newbie readers that in fact it is the nightly low that we pay more attention to rather than the daily high :) That low temperature doesn't budge much before the sun comes out.

On that front, I believe they are calling for a low tonight of about 49 degrees, which is at least ten degrees warmer than it has typically been.

Michael Valliant said...

Personally, I just look at the 4:00 a.m. current temperature over coffee. Oddly, that does somehow always seem to match the overnight low...hhmmm...