Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Run in the Snow

You can't beat a snow day. Not flurries, but enough snow to slow or stop work and/or life around town as we know it. We had one of those snows this past Sunday/Monday. And most things around Easton and Talbot County took heed and stayed indoors. Most things.

One of the things I have enjoyed the most about the Rise Up Runners crew is that just about everyone is a gamer. Not a videot (vidiot) kind of gamer stuck on the couch or in front of a screen, but the kind of gamer who likes to bring their "A" Game to adverse terrain, weather conditions, or bizarre kind of challenges :)

For the Rise Up Runners, Monday morning was a call to action to run in the snow. Mike "Snow Frog" Keene ventured up to Easton from Wittman, while Joel Shilliday, Shaun Hunter, Lori Callahan, and Valliant ran to Lori's to meet and see where we could run. We explored the town with the help of Joel's black lab Sampson.

There was some serious high-stepping involved at times. There was some mean wind and snow whipping if you ran against it. But it was surreal and a blast and a perfect way to kick off a week with friends and an expedition. I find I am as prone, or more so, to wanting to go play in the snow at age 36 as I was when I was 6. Glad to see I am not alone on that!