Saturday, February 21, 2009

By Foot or By Board

Some things are the same, whether you get up early to run or to hop on a longboard. One, you still have to get up early. Two, you should probably still bring something to drink. Three, with this morning as an example, it is still cold. And four, most importantly, when the weather is right, you still catch a sweet sunrise. Coming back up Oxford Road this morning with Charlie and Landy, I was glad to stop and bust out the camera to catch a couple photos. My bulky gloves didn't do any favors with trying to take anything worth keeping, but it's something.

This morning was 18.5 miles or so--my longest ride to date, with much more long distance pumping than pushing. One key difference between running and longboarding though: later in the morning, I was quick to jump back on the longboard to hit Rails to Trails with our Golden Retriever Ivan. I felt fairly spent after the morning's long ride, but still good. I can't say I've ever gone back out to run later the same morning of an 18-mile run :)