Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5 at 5 and "a Mugging"

Dominic gets "mugged" in the pre-dawn mist, by Landy and Don after a 40-minute jaunt around Easton yesterday morning. Photo by Joel.

"This morning would have been one of those mornings to hit snooze and go back to bed," said Landy as we got a rainy run underway at 5 a.m. on Tuesday with 5 RUR runners--Dominic, Joel, Don, Landy, and me--our largest Rise Up gathering to date.

That's essentially what the Rise Up Runners group has meant to my running consistency. Alone, I had a hard time forcing myself out the door on a dark, rainy morning. Yesterday, there was no question in my mind as I headed out the door, looking forward to seeing everyone and to stretch my legs after a weekend marathon.

Joel proved his movie review versatility by forgoing feature films to focus on a documentary that kept him up the night before on Jonestown (Dominic was glad there was no Kool Aid in his mug). Conversation circled around recent and upcoming races, weekend trips--non-running related--and just about anything else that came to mind.

At a minimum, the RUR crew motivates me to get out the front door and go running. That's a gift in and of itself. I hate to miss a run, a chance to start a day with doing something I dig, in good (though shaky :) company, with other folks who have the same motivation to start their day.

After a finishing sprint up Idlewild Avenue, we took time for a proper "mugging"--with Landy presenting Dominic with the final RUR mug doled during the month of April. A solid morning by all accounts. The morning's chief controversy came thereafter--with the "bargument"--do you drink coffee pre- or post-run? That answer is easy for me: both!


Runners on Trails said...

I like the "mugging" concept, and welcome to Dominic. I am interested to hear Don's comments on you "young bucks" and the passion the group has to hit the roads early mornings. I suspect he hasn't come across a group like you in all his days. Watch out for Frogs in the near future.

KoolAid said...

What Mike didn't mention, was that Dominic was moved to tears. As well as micturation. I think he wet himself.?!
I look forward to dictating the last leg sprint next time, I ain't quick, so I will need every advantage I can get.

landy said...

Don't tease us Frogs about watching out for you. How about this... show up and run in the early am and ask Don yourself ;)

You can always skip a few of those "other sport" workouts to make a RUR run. Seriously, we'll have to make something work. I could probably do a morning Thursday Tuckahoe run sometime.