Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Tuckahoe Seven

The Tuckahoe Seven - Derek, Pierre, Dominic, Joel, Katherine, Keene, and Valliant. Photo by Charlie Bandura. Thanks, Charlie!

It was a record morning at Tuckahoe State Park today. I pulled into the Coffee East/Diving Dog parking lot just before 6 a.m. to see six other folks waiting in the still dark to go play in the woods. The Bay Hundred RUR contingent brought Katherine, Pierre, and Keene, while Easton RURs represented with Joel, Derek, Dominic, and Valliant. We all piled into Keene's Expedition, "Julius," and ventured out to complete the Tuckahoe 10-mile loop.

Katherine and Keene coming through Creekside Cliff Trail.

We ran most of the first 4.5 miles in a group as we came up the Tuckahoe Valley Trail. Once we hit the rolling hills of Creekside Cliff, we could see there was a new lawman in town: Deputy Dominic. The Speedy Szwaja mosied on out front and glided along the trail. The pattern for the rest of the day was to let everyone regroup as we turned onto another trail.

Conditions were cool and dry as we made our way down Turkey Hill for a September creek crossing.

Joel ponies up crossing the creek, while Pierre wonders, "Do I really have to get my shoes wet?" ;)

As we hit the crossing, Wood Frog Keene surprised us all with his first crossing without log assistance! A low tide and a few blister-worried runners who logged it made for a mostly uneventful, but still a fun dance in the creek.

Dominic says, "Come on man, there's a 'Welcome Back Kotter' marathon on today, let's go!"

On the Little Florida Trail, we were cruising along, and Dominic busted out his gazelle imitation. Moving. I decided to give chase and each time I closed the gap, he ambled on a couple curves or a hill ahead. I backed off a bit with our Vermont race a week out, but I doubt it would have mattered much if I hadn't :)

We reconvened at the bottom of Grieners Fishing Road on the way in to Pee Wees Trail. The crew spread out a bit on Pee Wees, with a few call outs for directions and a well-placed 'Predator' quote heard echoing in the woods. At the end of trail, we unwound for a bit at the creek, posed for a photo and cruised back home.

Derek and Pierre cruise down the fishing road, about 8 miles into the run, en route to Pee Wees Trail.

Congratulations to Derek and Pierre--the two latest finishers of the "official" route for the Tuckahoe 10-Mile Challenge! It was a great day on the trails, which is something I try to never take for granted. It's all the more great when you can get out there with seven head. A heckuva way to Rise Up!


stephen bardsley said...

RUR'S, sounds awesome with the big turnout. i will still try to muster up the motivation to do the loop, with no intiention on challenging the current record. does that still belong to Keene? crossed the log when he did it to didnt he! :-) later, Bardsley

Runners on Trails said...

The log-crossing is interesting. Though, yes, yesterday was the first time Valliant has seen me not use the log, it is not the first time I've splattered through the creek crossing there at the bottom of Turkey Hill; after all, I have a reputation to uphold. I can't, however, remember if used the log or not on my record attempt back in April.

It was great fun to run with a group of good people. RUR are a strong force in the area. Let's keep it going. Come on Stephen!

Joel said...

I feel this group getting even tighter with possibility of (following Keene's lead) rocking some tri-athalons next year?

Michael Valliant said...

Rock on, Joel. I think we could see more RUR tris in 2009, perhaps even an RUR adventure racing team (THAT would be sweet). Stay tuned also for an inspirational and creative story of things to do on the Shore from our man Bardsley...

Jeremy said...

Call me crazy, but it looks like Dominic is sporting an Atayne top. Rock on!

Michael Valliant said...

Man, talk about an eagle eye! Maybe that's why Dominic was so fast ;)

You will likely be seeing more Atayne tops on Rise Up Running adventures, Jeremy. Great stuff, and you all were a topic of conversation on Sunday.