Monday, September 8, 2008

Low and Dry at Tuckahoe

Ivan is pretty spry for a 56-year-old. In fact, I'd put his four legs against any two legged 56-year-old out there. He was the only taker I could find yesterday to head out to explore Tuckahoe State Park, post Tropical Storm Hanna. And that suited him just fine, as yesterday was his 8th birthday.

As it turns out, the trails were pretty dry and the tide and creek crossing were fairly low. Seems Hanna didn't have much left by the time she rolled in to Maryland. Ivan and I hit the abbreviated loop (7.5 - 8 miles), and lingered for a while at the bottom of Turkey Hill Trail, so that Ivan could swim around for a while--including into the treadmill-like current. For the record, Keene, Ivan favors the traditional crossing, not the log route ;)

I made it a point to hit all the hills back there at a full run, to maximize hill work for Vermont. I'm hoping to hit Tuckahoe a couple more times by the end of the month, once for a 15-ish mile run, and another for the 10-mile loop.


Runners on Trails said...

You're a good master to Ivan, Michael. He must have had a ball to be running around Tuckahoe with you. There is nothing like time together; boy and dog. I am a traditionalist and i always thought the log crossing was the traditional way to cross the creek; at least it was for the first 2 years running Tuckahoe with you.

Michael Valliant said...

Ah, good point Keene. Yes, I suppose the log crossing would be the traditional way to across Tuckahoe, but intuition would say that creeks were waded or tromped across before bridges were made (unless said crossing took place first in January). The log controversy continues ;)

Dufus Creature said...

I think Sampson and I may be up for a trip this Sunday if we have no other takers. He was giving me "looks" as I read this article to him.
He needs a good run, and I might suggest we do some hill repeats. Drago. (see name link)