Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Rise Up First: Morning Frog

Keene, Joel, and Dominic emerge from the Oaklands Time Warp Loop during a tepid July Rise Up Run. "Morning Frog" notched another first: first Rise Up Tri as he ran 8 miles, then biked to St. Michaels, logged an hour swim, then rode the rest of the way to Wittman.

It was only matter of time, really. This morning Keene aligned his schedule and emerged from the Bay Hundred area to get a Rise Up Easton Run in with Joel, Dominic, and Valliant.

Wood Frog and I met along Rails-to-Trails at around 5:15 a.m. and ran up to our 5:30 a.m. meeting at da corner of Aurora and Idlewild. We discovered that this was the first official meeting of Keene and Dominic. The route for the day was Oxford Road, into the Time Warp Oaklands loop that has been made famous by both its chill scenery as well as being the course of the Hospice 10K (formerly the Wild Goose Chase) on the day after Thanksgiving each year.

She was close out this morning, as Dominic and Joel logged roughly 6 miles, Keene roughly 8 running, and I cranked out about 10 miles. Keene then showed everyone up by biking to St. Michaels, logging his hour-long morning swim, then hopping back on the bike to Wittman. I Rise Up Tri workout.

This was our first 4-person run in some time and it was nice to get everyone together in the morning. Hope to replicate it often and soon.

Editor's Note: Dominic and Charlie are not off the hook. They've had a number of options thrown at them. We'll hope for an update/decision soon. Stay tuned!


Runners on Trails said...

Just to keep things in perspective, Wood Frog swam only a half an hour and only 20 miles on the bike. A reverse triathlon was good, hitting a relatively long run first got my legs ready for the bike, which was surprisingly fast paced as well. I'm truly pooped; not used to getting up at 4am. Wish I could manage more early runs with the group. I'll just have to savour the few that I can make.
Wisdom for the day: "Beware of bearded tattooed men wearing reflective vests in the daylight"

joel said...

Yes good point.
It's like seeing a fox mid day. Not a good thing; probably needs "put down".

Michael Valliant said...

Wait til I start foaming at the mouth, twitching, and mumbling...

Beyond his witty quips ("There's not much money in thinking" --ddp), the hidden bonus of a Joel comment is the random, yet insightful websites he finds when you click his name :)