Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Fall Race Call-Out...

To preface this call-out, we must point out a couple things:

1. Running, and particularly Rise Up Running, is not about racing, but rather just getting out to run. Racing is gravy.

2. As a group, the RUR peeps are not generally inclined to call someone out...(yeah, right ;)

Well, one out of two ain't bad... As the fall racing season inches its way closer and closer, I'm throwing out a challenge. Lori, Don, and Derek routinely have target races lined up for every season, so this challenge doesn't so much apply to them. Landy has pulled himself off the fall racing torture circuit he had lined up for himself, to allow his torn meniscus to mend. Keene is finding races for every means of human propulsion conceivable. And Joel has a trail 10K on the books, which we will let stand...even though he already routinely runs farther than that AND did a trail 10K this spring...:)

I think we all know who that leaves--ahem, Dominic and Charlie. The challenge is simple: sign-up or put a target fall race on your calendar. Doesn't matter what, when, or how far, just give yourself something to shoot for; something to keep you honest and consistent in your running.

Now, generally I'd say 5K is too short--you all run farther than that every time you run--but trying to run a 5K fast is work. You also both bust out 10Ks easy, but if we are allowing it to stand for Mr. Shilliday, we can't really play favorites now, can we?

That leaves 10 milers or half-marathons, as the next incremental jump. Now, I'm all about saying that it's more fun to train for and run a race with someone rather than solo, but schedules can be tough. BUT, it'd be cool to get a number of RUR's out to a run.

Joel and Derek's The North Face Endurance Challenge in D.C. is sold out. On the same day, September 6, there is an off-road (trail) marathon being held outside D.C. by the folks at EX2 Adventures. Keene and I have run one of their trail 10-milers and it was well organized and a great course. They also have a series of Fall 10-mile trail races.

Road races are certainly acceptable as well. There is the Baltimore Half-Marathon in early/mid October. Landy has pointed out the Rehoboth half later this fall. And Lori has talked about the Bottle and Cork 10-miler in Delaware (I think is a September race).

Now, of course there are schedules, children, families, etc. involved, and it has to be something that works. We'll look around for some options and send em your way, but the challenge stands at one fall race. Simple. Once you've got one in mind, throw a comment or send an e-mail (Charlie is comment-challenged :) and we'll post them and hold you to them.

For me, racing is not the goal, but it gives me a goal, and makes me stay more consistent with running, and even beckons me out of bed on a day(s) where I would opt to sleep.

Good luck, gentlemen. The gauntlet is thrown!

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