Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rise Up Sluggers

The Rise Up Runners had a strong showing at the Team Slug Booty Rumble around Killens Pond, Delaware, as Lori Callahan, Mike Valliant, and Derek Hills (Grand Pooba of Team Slug) completed the inaugural 50K event. Photo courtesy of Team Slug.

A full race report of sorts will turn up on The 4-1-Run before long, and likely more here as well, but wanted to spread the word and say congratulations to Lori Callahan for completing for first ultra-distance run and to Derek Hills for rocking another Team Slug event, and the third 20+ mile rumble/stumble since the RURs have made Derek's acquaintance.

There is a great race report and a slew of photos available at the Booty Rumble race page. In case anyone gets to wondering, we believe Derek was "testing" socks for old people during the rumble ;)

Many thanks to the Delaware Slugs for their hospitality, enthusiasm, encouragement between laps, and for the lunacy to host a 50K event in the middle of June on the longest day of the year. If you ever get a super secret invitation to join in a Team Slug non-event, give it a go. Some great folks!


Lori said...

I agree-many thanks due to Team Slug for taking good care of us. They were great hosts for my first ultra distance.
I'm taking a couple days of rest, that's for sure, but I'm feeling fairly well.
Mike, Derek: how are you feeling?

Michael Valliant said...

So far, so good Lori. Not really too sore (thanks to a course without too many climbs or descents). I think we need to invite the Slugs down for a 3-loop Tuckahoe "ultra" :)

Think the next Delaware trail run might be a return to White Clay Creek State Park for some hills...

Joel said...

Congrats work a great accomplishment!
Hope there is a t-shirt to be seen somewhere.

Derek said...

Surprisingly great here! I bit lethargic yesterday, but the geriatric gear worked well. Previous runs ended feeling like someone was jabbing a dagger into my lower legs. So I'll opt for the grouchy old man look. I'll see how the recovery run goes today.
Mike, I've thought about the Tuckahoe ultra option. Set up an aid station at each end, and do three loops.
Thanks for coming out guys. Great running, and a good time had by all. And congrats Lori on making the jump to the "Dark Side". You guys should consider Umstead next year!