Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mudder's Day Sunday

The Tuckahoe 10-mile loop, within the context of the larger trail system. Tuckahoe Valley Trail, Creekside Cliff, Turkey Hill, Little Florida, and Pee Wees are all run from end to end.

Peanut butter and jelly represent a combination that has done pretty well for itself. Eggs and bacon, steamed crabs and beer (with or without pickles and cheese), the list goes on. Tomorrow morning, looks like we are testing out the new combination of a Rise Up group run and a Tuckahoe loop. Any takers, we are meeting at the Diving Dog/Coffee East/Farmer's Market parking lot along Washington Street at 5 a.m.

Given the rainfall over the last couple days, odds are high for a muddy run. The game plan is to try the full 10-mile loop, run either forward or backward, but as anyone who has run out there will report, with rain can come impassable sections of trail, unless Joel brings a kayak or a Huck Finn-style log raft.

Keene and I have started Tuckahoe runs in the dark and caught the sunrise along Tuckahoe Valley trail, and that is something I look forward to any time I can swing it. In the few years I've been running out there, we've never had more than three people for a run. If schedules, sleep, and inclinations hold, we could have between four and six Rise Up Mudders. Another great Sunday adventure!

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