Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Creek Crossing Photos from Delaware

Above: Is that a Wood Frog or Splashing Airplane. Below: Who or what is Valliant pointing at anyway? Photos by Carl Camp.

There are some new photographs posted on the Trail Dawgs website from the Delaware race. Here are a few of the RUR crew that I could find. To scope out more, check this out.


Aha! Look what I found...photo by Carl Camp from the Trail Dawgs website. --MV


Michael Valliant said...

Aaahh...from the short film, "Catching Dr. Cook," no doubt. One of the high points of the race. Excellent photos, great day. How come no Landy crossing pics made their way up here...

landy said...

Ahhh, because I don't look nearly as confident and carefree with my crossing as Keene and Valliant do!