Thursday, July 1, 2010

Check Your Head

03:59- Wake to music... What is it? Don't care. Hit snooze. Try to sleep.

04:07- Well, I'm awake, sort of. Don't want to get up but have to pee. Why am I doing this again. Shouldn't have set the alarm. Megan is skipping gym this am, I could always go later in the morning. We all know how that one ends though...

04:08- Grab my shorts, shirt, and shoes. At least running gear is simple. And with VFF, no socks needed.

04:12- Try to eat something... no time for coffee. Grab a Shot Bloks Cola flavor with 50 mg caffeine. Not enough caffeine as I can only muster half a package. The flavor is weird. I think I just taste the caffeine and not much else. How will I finish a whole box of 18 of these. Ugggh.

04:14- Chug a small glass of cold water. Start looking for my reflective vest.

04:15- There is is! In the stairwell to the basement in my "Y" bag.

04:17- Out the door, slip on Garmin chest strap and watch, reset watch and go.
First Few paces- Wow, it feels nice and cool. Little breeze. This won't be bad, but what the ...? 10:55 per mile. This feels slow. Where is my pep. Everything feels tight. Maybe this will be a short run.

Half Mile In- Two medium loops or one long one? Might be better to grab water and a snack after six miles. But not sure I can muster going back out again. Better make it one loop, but I don't know about hydration. It is cool enough- I'll be fine without water. Hope Mike doesn't want to join in at five. Never heard back from him last night. He'll be fine if I don't post at 05:00...

One Mile- Still feeling slow, just a little looser. Where is my pep? Not enough caffeine. Not awake yet. Why am I doing this?

Two Miles In- Feeling the camber/cant/road slant in my left knee. What a pain. Gotta get off Oxford Rd. Just slightly more awake. Still foggy. A few passing lights from cars. Traffic light at least in the 4's.

Third Mile- Heading into Cooke's Hope. Feeling a little better. Still not fast, but loosening up a little. Stride a little longer behind me and easier. Nice low heart rate. All day pace right here. There is hope. Feeling better. Whoah Deer dart right in front of me! Watch my step in the dark on the trail. Remembering an article I read yesterday about boxes and the line. Cool ideas and apply to plenty of things outside triathlon. Every run has a Line I think. Where will it come on this run?

Mile Four- Might try a few loops today on the trail. I don't want more cambered road if I can help it. Getting brighter. Can't see the sun but the clouds look really cool- long wispy lines on the horizon. Corn is getting higher. I never did finish The Omnivore's Dilemma did I? Some pangs of hunger pass after a few minutes. Settling into a groove. Ouch, scratched by a branch on the neck. Didn't see that one coming.

Mile Five- Second lap. More deer or the same ones over again. Twist an ankle slightly around the little pond. Recover quickly. Thank my FiveFingers for that. Takes my mind off the twinge in my left outer kneecap area. A few bats on the trail- cool!

Mile Six- Halfway done or so. Getting thirsty for the first time. Mouth a little dry. Maybe I should have brought water. We'll see how this goes. Through the woods again. Can see a little better now. THERE'S that branch I missed the first time. One more lap around. Not getting dizzy yet- from the trail loops or the dehydration. Thank goodness it is cool.

Mile Seven- Deer again. They all look the same. How many miles are you guys putting in this morning? They never look tired or thirsty.

Mile Eight-Last loop finishing up. Thankful for a trail run- at least part of the run. Maybe tag on Oaklands next? Still not hot at least.

Mile Nine- Try to relax, loosen shoulders, arms, loosely cup hands. That's it. Not at the line yet. Keep an easy pace. Check heart rate. 140. No worries.

Miles Ten and Eleven- Oaklands loop. Getting a lot harder. Loosing focus. Starting to feel tired legs. Feet actually a little sore. This is a new one. No heel pain though and knee is settling down. Hmm, looking like it may be more like 14 miles than the planned 13. Oh well, still thirsty but sweating fine and head is clear.

Mile 11.5- Ok here is the Line on this run. Fighting the urge to walk. Why did I feel the need to run long today? Push through. This is nothing. No need to kill myself heading home. Just get 'er done. Maintain pace. Nothing more. All business.

Mile 12-14- Oxford Road- We've got issues, but I know you well. No surprises. Always feel a little better seeing the traffic light on the bypass before the Y. The home stretch. Breathing still easy, but my dogs are barking. Legs sore and heavy. Left hip flexor is tight. Fighting urge to slow down and walk some. Hang in there. This is the fun part- really. It's why I snap the velcro straps together on my Bikilas (really does nothing for fit by the way but has cool reflective surface on the straps at least)
Home stretch by the park then to da corner. Decide to push it to 15 by going to the bike path rather than turning down Aurora and ending in front of my house at 14.75. More arbitrary numbers. Damn you Garmin!

Mile 15. Hit stop on my Garmin and start walking. Ahhhh that feels better. Or does it? Man my left hip flexor is tight as are my calves. I think I'm feeling the lack of fluids. But I made it.
Walk down Dover street from the bike path and back to the house. Feeling glad I'm finished. Whole day ahead at 6:20, and I finished 15 miles. That's why I got up at 04:00.

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