Thursday, April 23, 2009

RUR Roots Race

This weekend marks a roots race of sorts for the Rise Up Runners. Trail Dawgs in 2008 was the first race for our fledgling running group. Joel, Landy, Keene, and Valliant rolled over to Newark, ran various races, and met the RUR ultra guru Derek. A recap of the day can be found in the RUR blog archives, here.

In my mind, the Trail Dawgs course boasts one of the premier 13 mile loops around. If you poke around the triple crown photos on the blog here or on the TD site, you'll find scenic single track, a sweet creek crossing, a grassy finish (positioned at the end of a pretty mean climb, especially if you are making it for the second time to finish the full marathon!).

Since this time last year, the Rise Up Runners have grown exponentially per number of runners. We've gone as far north as Vermont as a relay team for the Vermont 50-miler. We've headed to Killens Pond to complete a 50K. We've taken Rehoboth Beach by storm for the inaugural marathon there. And RUR's rocked the podium most recently in Denton for a local 5K.

Anyone who runs with us will tell you, this is not a running group about racing. But man is it fun to head to a race with a pack of folks, push yourselves, inspire each other, and enjoy the day and being outside and running. On Saturday RUR's Lori, Keene, Shaun, Bieber, Joel, and Valliant head to Newark. Lori and Keene go after the Triple Crown (half-marathon, stop, 10K, stop, 5K, running the gauntlet), while the rest of us look to rock the half-marathon. AND, an RUR first, Liz Shilliday and Robin Valliant will come out and have at the 10K.

Weather looks warm and sunny. Should be a blast. We'll look for what the next group race might be. We've covered some miles over the past year plus. But it occurs to me that one thing remains the same: we've yet to kidnap Charlie and get him out to a race...;)

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Joel said...

Good times had by all.
Tough stuff.
You can't grasp the difficulty of those hills until you run them.

Look forward to next year!