Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RUR Cross Training

The participants of the 2009 New Year's Day Stupidathon: Shaun, Lori, Landy, Brenan, Dominic and Valliant.

Despite the lack of posts, 2009 is off to a spirited start for the Rise Up Runners. We've got two incredibly active and mentally unstable new members: Brenan Roser and Shaun Hunter. Brenan came out for his first run on a 30 degree Sunday, full sleet, and slugged through a 5-mile Tuckahoe run. He and Shaun then joined us at 4:35 a.m. in front of the YMCA a couple days later, and each have made most runs since. Thus far, there hasn't been many challenges these two haven't stepped right up to do.

A case in point: The New Year's Day Stupidathon. Cooked up by Dominic and run with by Landy, this was conceived as a "healthy??" way to kick-0ff the new year in style. A 30 degree day with gusting winds greeted the six of us pictured above for our 16-mile bike, 4-mile run, and polar plunge into the Tred Avon River. A special thanks to Joel Shilliday, who was on the disabled list that day and Megan Cook who followed our crew around and took pictures throughout the adventure!

The biking leg of the Stupidathon took us out to Tunis Mills and back to Easton. For some reason, winter biking is MUCH colder than winter running! :)

The Stupidathon is indicative of a new trend in the RUR camp this year: cross training. Specifically, this winter, swimming. "Coach Keene" has faithfully led a group of RUR "swimmers" through a grueling swim workout every Tuesday morning at the YMCA. Not to be completely out of character, our group generally meets at 4:35 a.m. and gets in a 3+ mile run prior to swimming, then takes over the 25-meter pool at 5:15 a.m. or so. It's not uncommon for us to have seven people swimming and yesterday we had six folks for the run. Seems our escapades are getting earlier...hhhmmm....(not Derek early, but earlier ;)

And, in normal mud fashion, we've made our treks to Tuckahoe, with Shaun Hunter being the latest to complete the Tuckahoe 10-mile loop. We won't get into Valliant losing his shoe in the creek crossing and having to fish around for it in the frigid waters...

Our friend Joel has declared 2009 the year of the RUR "Tri." With swimming going strong and biking waiting for spring, there seems to be some momentum to that end. Yet, that isn't the only new take on endurance sports for the Rise Up Runners. Spurred on by Landy, we now also have some practitioners of long distance longboarding. But that is another post...

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