Sunday, November 16, 2008

Plus Four...

Just a quick note, hoping to post more later, to say that we have added four names to the list of folks who have completed the Tuckahoe 10-Mile Challenge. Congrats to:

Mike Bickford
Dan Bieber
Brandon White
James Woodring

Who joined Lori Callahan and Valliant for a windy and capital MUDDY loop this morning. For the record, Valliant, Lori, and Brandon opted for the aquatic creek crossing (dedicated to water crossing pioneer Landy Cook), while Mike, Dan, and James scampered across the log. That's a 50/50 ratio on a cool November morning.

Also for the record, Bieber was doing some math in his head, and thinks that Keene's record is breakable. I'm not trying to start anything, mind you, but...;)

Thanks to everyone who got out there this morning. A great run and stellar way to kick off a Sunday.


Lori said...

I agree...good times out there. My favorite personal moment was stepping onto the bridge (I believe the site of Landy's best spill on the course), pausing before my next step, and then just sliding back down, as if in slow motion. :)
It was nice to meet Dan and James and Brandon in person and see Mike B. again. Hope to see everyone again soon!

joel said...

The log? Really?
You're 25, you can't be killed.

Michael Valliant said...

A surprise for sure, Joel. Then again, James has had his shoes for a lotta miles...he may have been worried they would have disintegrated in the water...;)

landy said...

Funny, I miss running Tuckahoe mostly for the water crossing.

That bridge Lori mentioned, well I could do without. But I like me a stream wading whenever possible.

Derek said...

Hmm...I swept the course yesterday afternoon and didn't find any corpses. Just a few bud light ponies and a tootsie roll wrapper.

joel said...

bud light comes in PONY Bottles!!!!?