Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Pony-Up Challenge...aka...The Assateague Ultra.

The possible scene of one of the next Rise Up Runners group challenges: The Pony-Up Challenge.

From the road, to the beach, trail or no trail. Say hello to one of our next "challenges." An end-to-end run of Assateague Island, from Maryland to Virginia. On road and off. On the beach and off. Thirty-eight miles of mayhem. If you want a proposed route with mile-markers, check out the Map My Run map.

I like to call it, "The Pony-Up Challenge"...because, well, there are ponies on that thar island :) Some folks might call it the
Assateague Ultra. Personally, I have not trod much on the shores where the route goes and I don't know if it can be done. But I bet it can. Obviously, there is going to have to be some dropping off of cars. And I might guess there could be a camping component and invited guests, friends, families, to partake in the camping end of it.

When I ran the idea by
Landy, his comment was, "I'll bring the bug spray!" Indeed. But man do I love the sound of the challenge. This one could take some logistical tinkering. But I'm tempted to lay down the gauntlet to call it a summer challenge, meaning checked off or attempted by the autumnal equinox.

If need be, maybe this becomes a multi-day challenge, but I'm thinking it could be done in a single go--it's flat after all, though likely slow going at times. The route may need adjusting, could be a couple miles shorter with a start and finish that make sense. But there is something to starting with your foot in the water at the northern tip and running all the way to the southwestern boot.

For a detailed map of the island and more information, camping, etc., click through to the Assateague National Seashore website.

So break it down, shout it out,
holla back. What do you think? Any takers :)

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Anonymous said...

I like the sounds of this one!! I'm in.