Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thanks & Praise (for a Sunday run)

Sundays are a time for thanks and praise, so here are a few from this morning's run:

Thanks for the health to be able to get up and go for a run.

Thanks for the sun shining and the odd rays pushing through the trees and dancing on the pavement.

Thanks for familiar, smiling faces and morning greetings.

Thanks for running with shorts, shoes and an iPod and not needing all the crap, gear, tech, and assembly that the cyclists meeting at the YMCA needed.

Thanks for SHADE!

Thanks for the heron (see past post re: the heron vibe) looking for his breakfast right next to the bridge over Papermill Pond (and thanks for the tide being high enough to hide the PMP stench ;)

Thanks for a playlist that employs James Brown and his heaps of soul for the last two miles. Thanks for a steady pace and focus over the last mile of a hot run.

Thanks for the feeling of finishing a run, sweaty and spent and smiling.

Thanks for air conditioning. Thanks for coffee.

I overslept this morning, due to dog, due to kids up during the night, so changed a 10-11 mile Sunday run to a 7.25 mile run, but didn't bail altogether, which has been a late spring pattern if I don't get up early enough for the full run.

Getting out the door at 7am it was already hot. But the thought the epic battle at Western States yesterday, waged over 100 miles of rugged terrain and mountains between Tony Krupicka, Killian Jornet and Geoff Roes made my quick jaunt seem like nothing. That's a solid perspective to dwell on when out for a run.

My favorite running song of late, the John Butler Trio's "Ragged Mile." Have a listen.

It feels good to be back into a summer running rhythm. Now I am starting to think about summer and fall races and trail adventures. Ideas? Step right up.

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